Business growth is the key to success in the increasingly competitive environment of an open economy without borders. The service is expanding across the whole range of businesses with the aim of sound business planning and sustainable economic growth.

The main concern of our actions is to introduce businesses into the new type of markets as they are today.

A large number of Financial Aid studies have been carried out, with excellent results (for the expansion of hotel units and tourism products, for the construction of marine recreational activities, the construction of hotels and restaurants, business plans, education and training needs analysis, etc.) in Development Law or European Grant Programs.

At the same time we provide consulting services in terms of implementation and monitoring (monitoring & control), big deal negotiations, and Business to Business negotiation by acting as Senior Partnership.

Strategic and business plans,

(preparation, implementation, implementation, or monitoring)

Business viability studies


  • feasibility of investment
  • process evaluation and costing
  • overall valuation of companies
  • project management & evaluation

Reorganization of business processes

Financial Aid Studies