Market Research

Market Research

In order to take the most possible accurate investment decisions for the creation of a new business opening or to evaluate strategic decisions or market decisions there is a need to investigate the business and socio-economic environment.

To investigate market issues, an appropriate market survey has to take place that ought to be well scheduled and correctly conducted.

Our team of experts undertakes structured market research   to evaluate the characteristics of a product (or product’s group), a service or even the opinion of a market segment on a specific issue.

The market survey is divided to the follow sectionsQ

  1. Understand the research object
  2. Define the under investigation population
  3. Selection of the Research Method
  4. Sampling
  5. Design the questionnaire
  6. Train the interviewers  
  7. Test using Pilot-data
  8. Redesign te questionnaire under the Pilot Data conclusions
  9. In Field Survey 
  10. Processing the findings using statistical software SPSS
  11. Ievaluate the results